Who is the Designer?

I need them



—zana bayne (Thu Feb 26 11:47:00 2009)


—Venus In Furs (Wed Feb 25 22:43:00 2009)

Insane! I just did a post on AF Vandervorst’s hoof looking shoes… I wish I had known actual hoof heels existed!

—KATLIN (Wed Mar 11 04:43:00 2009)

I found them…

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Tue Mar 3 18:42:00 2009)

absolutley gross. so cruel. who would want to wear these. come on girls your blog is great but i care for animals i'm really offended, you wouldnt really wear these i would hope. x

—Anonymous (Sun Jul 12 20:27:15 2009)

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