Thanks Fashion Toast!!!!

We couldn't be happier that Rumi posted these for us. She looks absolutely amazing, like an American Indian goddess that is ready to kick some ass in a biker kind of way. She wore the spikes in the front, which we like to call the "ball buster" way. You could pretty much ruin some guys life who messes with you. 


those are amazing, you guys have the best shoe jewelry

—Lori (Fri Apr 10 18:45:00 2009)


—lisa @ luxe (Fri Apr 10 23:08:00 2009)

alright, it’s settled then, i’m getting some.i’m coming up to the city at the end of this month (i’m down south)— any way i can set up a time to come buy at least one pair from you?xxKara

—die tägliche revolution (Fri Apr 10 21:53:00 2009)

Seriously. Some of your jewelry are something of the most amazing pieces i´ve EVER seen! Saw the shoejewery on Rumis blog and got thrilled since I love everything that you can out on your body like a small piece of art. Hate that I live in Sweden and cant run to your store and buy myself something pretty to wear. Im totally into pretty much everything you do. Hope its okey with you that I borrow some pics for a post at my blog? I will of course add links to you and your site! Keep on kickin´ it and the best of luck to you.xo, Kajsa

—Kajsa (Sun Apr 12 11:05:00 2009)

pretty damn cool…

—Bella (Sat Apr 11 10:55:00 2009)

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