DJ AM/ Le Roux

The night started out with innocent intentions.... However, after a few drinks, the clothes come off. But hey, Jesus was born naked too. So, you can get your panties in a bunch about being naked in front of Grace Cathedral, and to that we recommend taking those panties off.
It was a combination of it all that lead to this nudity, but we give much credit to the body chains and shoe jewels we had on. Who needs clothes when the jewelry looks so good all by itself?
We were able to post this one because they all have hot buns....

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FUCK YEAH! hahaha. this is how all nights involving alcohol should end. well, maybe not all. but a damn good portion. Amen to that.

—kaitlyn (Sat Apr 11 19:33:00 2009)

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—LITTER (Sat Apr 11 05:17:00 2009)

YES! So, what’s your height, naked girls?

—Frode (Sat Apr 11 05:08:00 2009)

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—Anonymous (Mon Apr 13 05:09:00 2009)

beautiful pictures……

—Anonymous (Sun Apr 12 06:56:00 2009)

This is the best Easter celebration I have ever seen.AND you guys have photographic evidence!Well done!-A-heavymetalfashion

—Queen Of Russia (Mon Apr 20 14:23:00 2009)

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