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OmgThat new knee bracelet is a m a z i n g

—Genevieve (Wed May 6 13:50:00 2009)

yay! love your stufffff

—gb (Wed May 6 12:47:00 2009)

This is all just so amazing!

—kiah k. (Wed May 6 15:54:00 2009)

OMMMGGGG… we LOVE your stuff…it is pure amazingnesss…fabulosity to the fullest. Can we just say you made our LIFE with your collection…we can’t get enough =)We are soo obsessed with your shoe adornments and ear+ring combosxoxo

—Meg and Komie (Tue May 12 13:56:00 2009)

amazing new stuff!! and ya, what is the deal with that knock-off rihanna was seen wearing? plastic? really?

—Alyssa (Wed May 6 15:55:00 2009)

I really love your legs!

—SaraLiPei (Thu Jun 4 11:10:00 2009)

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