Rachael went to LA for a LITTER biz trip. Met with Women's Wear Daily, Madison LA, and visited some showrooms.....Can't wait to show you all the amazing news that came out of the trip!! Stay Tuned!!!!!


this isss so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love your blog.

—A (Thu May 14 01:01:00 2009)

i want i want i want it ALL

—dv (Wed May 13 23:51:00 2009)

woah woah woahfoot jewellery?amazing stuff

—divine bunny (Thu May 14 15:15:00 2009)

OMG where do we even begin…its all too much we are gonna go broke buying EVERYTHING y’all come up with…LOVESSSSSS itxoMeg and Komie

—Meg and Komie (Thu May 14 14:02:00 2009)

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