Interesting that you did the bebe show, I saw your collection on Knightcat and checked out your blog. I designed Knitwear for bebe for many years, running a NY office for them until just this March. Do you know Joanne Wanarachu Lord, is that how you got in? Cool to see they are actually using something cool. Love your work, next stop your store. xxab

—C A T B R E A T H (Wed May 27 16:33:38 2009)

I need some of those chains!

—Natasha (Fri May 22 07:36:18 2009)

i loved the stuff you used at the bebe show! im not exactly sure what was put on me, but i do remember that i wanted it all lol. keep up the good work. ;)

—vinka (Tue Jun 23 12:42:10 2009)


—Carolina Botelho (Fri May 29 07:56:58 2009)

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