Talented indeed.Gracie.

—Gracie (Fri May 22 21:43:22 2009)

Hey, those are my drawings! ha, was a bit of a shock when i logged onto blogger and saw that on my dashboard!!But a good one, i’ve just recieved a lovely anonymous comment telling me how talentless i am so it’s nice to see my work on your blog.I saved some of your pictures earlier to do a post on you in the morning aswell which is a bit of a werid coinsidence!Hope everything’s all well with Litter X

—tobaccoandleather (Fri May 22 15:22:39 2009)

I love these drawings. Looks like laura stone a bit, is it?

—TheGlamorousEccentric (Fri May 22 14:32:52 2009)

love it

—Taru Tuomi (Tue Jun 9 02:45:12 2009)

i love the shoulder feather pieces… but they are not for sale on your online store.. are they coming soon? saw you on knightcat and think you’re amazing! xxhttp://www.debrisblanclaboritorium.blogspot.com

—HotCaviar (Wed May 27 16:58:34 2009)

wow i love those drawings

—freestyler (Tue May 26 03:24:07 2009)

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—Anonymous (Fri Feb 12 16:19:59 2010)

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