I am in love with this spread in the 300th issue of I-D! Scott Wilson's headpiece is gorgeous, GOOGLE him to see more of his editorial pieces. The pictures above are some more wearable headpieces from our store


Wow, these pieces look amazing!Love your blog…

—MELINA (Sun May 24 05:26:50 2009)


—through (Sun May 24 15:22:26 2009)

they are lovely :)

—cuteseas (Sun May 24 10:24:38 2009)

love your blog/jewelry. how old/tall are you? and do you have any more siblings?

—jones (Mon May 25 15:20:03 2009)

great blog!!

—Krystal (Mon May 25 18:32:24 2009)

5'11…we have a younger bro who is 20< he is the boy in all our pics

—LITTER (Mon May 25 15:28:59 2009)

love your blog and your jewlery! Everything is just sooo gorgeous! :)/

—isabelle (Wed May 27 10:06:15 2009)

Those headbands are amazing! The blog is allso great and gets a place in my blogroll from now on!

—Skumfidus (Wed May 27 14:34:16 2009)

wow all the stuff that you make is amazing, if i want something, how can i have it?… would you send it to me?from méxicomaría fernanda vogel morton

—maria fernanda vogel (Sat May 30 12:27:41 2009)

i lovelovelove your lineim from the east bay and its lovely to see great things come out of SFwhen i earn some decent cashh im seriously going to buy your whole

—katie dearest (Wed May 27 15:06:02 2009)

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