Guess who's wearing LITTER to his next red carpet event.....


bob bledsoe

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Tue May 26 16:15:46 2009)

SHUT UP!! that is sooo HOT!!

—alyssa (Tue May 26 15:50:11 2009)

Ahhh,he’s starred in so many of my dreams.So happy your jewelry is doing well.

—La Garçonne Noir (Tue May 26 19:11:54 2009)

Haha, that’s awesome!

—V (Tue May 26 18:17:20 2009)

oh la la!

—MELINA (Wed May 27 01:04:25 2009)

wowowow i just lost two hours!!im not just typing this im feelin it!this is exactly what i wanted to see and find and buy and wear and rock the fuck out in im way excited now for another mindless couple of hours to go google you and where how and when it will be dropped off in boxes at my housethe blog is hot too and im so glad other classy girls get drunk and naked too. all in lipstick. duh :]xxxx

—ray (Tue May 26 21:55:06 2009)

WowThats amazing!

—Genevieve (Tue May 26 21:12:00 2009)

So amazing!!! Your pieces are so unique, I will def. be ordering something soon!! hot hot hot.http://fashionroadkill-halifax.blogspot.com

—Ashley (Wed May 27 09:09:24 2009)

LOVE your work! :) wish you had a shop nearby… at least a lot of inspiration for DIY

—Inger (Wed May 27 05:26:11 2009)

OMG.hah i always say i’m going to marry him.that’s really great.

—Anu Day (Wed May 27 20:04:53 2009)

thats a damn sexy photograph girlie!

—Krystal (Wed May 27 13:37:50 2009)

This is HOT ! how do u know him ?Amzing line btw !!<3

—sarrah (Wed May 27 10:52:32 2009)

hahahahaha I CAN’T BELIEVE! you’re so luckyy!! :D xx

—Carolina Botelho (Fri May 29 07:56:22 2009)

Wonderfully sexy vibe… Ah, George!Love your blog, love your jewelry and have been coming here for a while now. Nice to see you’re getting discovered more and more.

—RidingPretty (Wed May 27 20:47:10 2009)

well, you deserve it!your work is amazing:) am so happy for you!

—Dasha (Fri May 29 12:36:22 2009)

GASP!!!!!heart attackI LOVE GEORGE! sooo jealous!

—Fashion Is Poison (Sat May 30 00:02:41 2009)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

—olivia (Fri May 29 20:26:15 2009)

Hey Bonjour !Your blog is a MASTERPIECE !!! i just came across and i'm amazed by all your inspirations !!! i'm adding you now to my links ! and by the way the shoes collection is to die for ! ( dont know if we say that but i think you got it :) )a bientot!Boubouteatime xx

—boubou (Tue Jun 9 09:34:55 2009)

You guys make a hot couple….Would actually be nice to see George out with someone cool for once.He might like it!

—annik (Fri Jun 5 18:59:59 2009)


—Joelle Leung (Wed Aug 12 17:07:30 2009)

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