This leg piece is my new OBSESSION! I usually don't wear jewelry but I dare someone to try and pull this off my cold dead raynoids leg. We are unsure whether or not to sell them as a single piece or in a pair. What do you think?


I think BEYONCE needs these insane LEG PIECES featured in her next videoxoxo, Pony Girlponygirlvintage.etsy.com

—Pony Girl Vintage (Mon Jun 8 09:54:36 2009)

love this new piece. sell them as separates…

—alyssa (Mon Jun 8 09:33:17 2009)

Single! Just another fucking bit of genius… Love it. http://www.coolinthemaking.com

—Dana (Mon Jun 8 19:30:41 2009)

these are AWESOME! yeh i agree on them being just on the one leg. xo

—sara (Mon Jun 8 16:50:01 2009)


—Anonymous (Mon Jun 8 11:43:22 2009)

Amazing! I suggest a pair, leaving the option open ended. That way if you don't feel like wearing both you can hand one over to your best friend like a best friend charm!Genius.xxxoriwaeditorial.blogspot.com

—oriwa (Mon Jun 8 22:55:18 2009)

i'd buy it either way, pair or single. i just want it now! xx

—haylee (Mon Jun 8 21:28:12 2009)

Hey !just to say to you that i talked a lili bit about your brand in my blog :)i hope you will like it :)a bientôt !Bouboutatime xx

—boubou (Wed Jun 10 07:49:09 2009)

Definitely a single piece..having two would be too much going on.Love your blog <3- Anette

—Jenky (Tue Jun 9 18:22:48 2009)

besides it being beyond FREAKIN STELLAR!! i think as a pair because as one it might silly or misplaced but with two it looks purposely out there ya know what i mean??xx keep up your awesomely creative brains and those hands makin those metal chains that i love oh so much but cant afford, silent sigh til i get me a summer job= the life of a broke college student grrr…xhttp://wedgeandcigs.tumblr.com

—kelsey (Tue Jun 9 00:16:20 2009)

SINGLE PIECE! you know the half hazard rullesssthat is so damn hot i love itmake garters

—ray (Sat Jun 13 06:07:32 2009)

Your everything is A-mazing! I want it all so bad!!!!!xo

—S.A.A. (Thu Jun 11 02:26:13 2009)

i would buy one, single or as a pair, in a heartbeat! all i don in the summer are questionably short garments and that little item there you created… dying

—lafemmelouise (Wed Jun 10 17:17:43 2009)

Hi that is so cute, let me know when you make one to sell as definitely interested!

—crazylittlebaby (Sat Jun 13 17:24:39 2009)

i think one…and I NEED ONE NOW!!!

—Anonymous (Sat Jun 13 16:22:45 2009)

I would by it in a heartbeat!xx

—DEV. (Sat Jun 13 19:27:02 2009)

i almost had myself a little freak out when i saw these. They're AMAZINGsingle would deffinatly do the trick.

—Electromanic (Sat Jun 13 17:41:10 2009)

how does it stay up? is it attached to the shorts?

—meghan (Sun Jun 14 01:51:08 2009)

i LOVE THIS! sell it as a single piece!!

—meghan (Sun Jun 14 01:48:39 2009)

Cool i love it it's makes the jeans so sexy

—hanni (Sun Jun 14 04:37:25 2009)

Am so completely and utterly obsessed and in love with this amazing piece of jewellery!Need one!And definitely sell single!to wear two at a time would be too much!xx.

—Noemi Sunshine Ferst (Sun Jun 14 04:17:56 2009)

Wowww amazing! I really want a pair of them!!I'd say single..Where and when can I buy this?http://natashassoiree.blogspot.com/

—Natasha (Sun Jun 14 03:25:22 2009)

um. . .i need to have one. please make more and sell one to me.

—Aisha (Sun Jun 14 11:02:12 2009)

Wow that's gorgeous. I think it'd be great to sell them in pairs.

—xachickx (Tue Aug 11 22:00:37 2009)

Single piece! Single piece!!!! Omg I need that!!! So amazing.http://fashionroadkill-halifax.blogspot.com

—Ashley (Sun Jun 14 11:44:27 2009)

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