Litter is an inspiration! x

—Genevieve (Mon Jun 8 17:21:33 2009)

hello girls,Okay so I've litterally spend 1 hour looking to all of your post!!! really it never never happend to me! you have not only one of the best style if ever senn, but also you sell my dream like jewlleries was thinking about making a diy on chain around my shoes and then i found you!!oh gosh its like a prayer ! thank you thank you so much your inspiration , your pix , your style and collection is more than amazing..wanted to buy some stuff but almost everything is out of stock!!!there no doubt, its so awsome!so just to tell you that I'll certainly do an article for you on my next post..and I m also adding you to my blog roll…keep up the great workxxbonne nuitla chauve-souris

—La Chauve-Souris (Tue Jun 9 09:47:57 2009)

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