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—La Garçonne Noir (Wed Jun 10 13:47:44 2009)

love love love! i need to stop in again soon

—Ariana (Thu Jun 11 15:01:37 2009)

Just wanted to say:a) your jewelry (or art maybe, when I think of it, its more like art for the body!) is kickass amazing!b) made a blogpost about you, your webpage, blog and yewelry on my blog. Borrowed some pics and hope that´s okey with you. Otherwise, scream and yell at me. But, I just wanted to show Sweden how great you are.Hope the summer brings you the best. Of everything.

—kajsa (Thu Jun 11 12:57:08 2009)

hey, i adore your chains!

—through (Thu Jun 11 12:37:12 2009)

Jesusss! I love ittt!

—Ryaaaaaaaaannn (Thu Jul 23 12:54:46 2009)

you make such amazing jewellery. im utterly in love. made an blogpost about your fantasticness. care and have a lovely weekend

—Ediot (Sat Jun 13 09:49:23 2009)

oooo man!!

—Fashion Is Poison (Fri Jun 12 23:12:05 2009)

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