I love the leg jewelry so much. It's beautiful.

—N. Lake (Tue Jun 16 09:06:04 2009)

love it. your stuff is so awesome!

—susie miller (Tue Jun 16 04:03:40 2009)

i love the boot chains that fashionispoison got from litter. all your stuff is so good.

—Anonymous (Thu Jun 18 00:50:04 2009)


—Miriam (Tue Jun 16 15:30:40 2009)

That leg piece is awesome!!

—HEK (Tue Jun 16 10:28:01 2009)

i love all your stuff i wish it wasn't as expensive so i could get some of it.

—Fashion Flash (Tue Aug 25 16:09:14 2009)

i agree with anonymous..! wow i wonder what else you girls have under your sleeves!

—nessahhhh (Thu Jun 18 07:59:20 2009)


—JEYQ (Thu Jun 18 04:31:35 2009)

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