—Fashion Is Poison (Mon Jun 22 18:52:43 2009)

that shoulder piece is so amazing.

—F Blog (Mon Jun 22 16:24:43 2009)

Hi my name is Vanessa and i'm Portugal. i found litter in the blog world and i totally fall in love with your jewellery extremly the head jewellery.xoxo

—Vi da Silva Miranda (Mon Jun 22 15:33:06 2009)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

—Anonymous (Tue Jun 23 06:48:41 2009)

Gah, I want that necklace/shoulder band so badly!

—Jenny (Mon Jun 22 22:44:00 2009)

you are a genius…

—C E L I N E (Sun Jul 12 09:04:47 2009)

I love the shoulder piece!

—Emilie (Wed Jun 24 02:59:49 2009)

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