Miss Jones @P1

We will be posting new items tomorrow!


i love your creations. i just posted about you darlings. so fabulous.i am enamored. http://enamored-alifeofindulgence.blogspot.com/

—Whitney Gray (Thu Jun 25 14:30:37 2009)

ohhmygod i know what i wantplease tell me the leg chains are going up

—Akhila (Thu Jun 25 22:56:49 2009)

so perfect.love everything.

—n_at__al_ia (Thu Jun 25 20:17:18 2009)

Love your stuff – now I just have to figure out how I'm going to get one of those amazing shoulder bands!

—Jenny (Thu Jun 25 17:56:45 2009)

The chain garters are GENIUS!

—Nik L. (Fri Jun 26 09:32:55 2009)

I need those leggings in my life. Both those styles in this post. Where? Where? Where did you get them? And where can I buy one of those leg chains??? So awesome.

—Tanya (Fri Jun 26 07:53:19 2009)

hottest girls

—dv (Fri Jun 26 02:16:53 2009)

those are sick tightsi'm saving up some money to buy those lust-worthy leg chains

—strawberry fields (Sun Jun 28 08:22:37 2009)

great stuff! you girls are awesome!

—Carolina Botelho (Sun Jun 28 03:36:05 2009)

I really like the tight shown is the first picture! Super cool!!!

—nightmere (Fri Jun 26 11:17:44 2009)

wow that 'leg chain' is super sexy…. please tell me I can get them!!!!For the Sake of Fashion

—forthesakeoffashion (Wed Jul 1 00:35:48 2009)

Good god you ladies are fabulous.I need me a leg chain!Love Grace.

—Grace (Sun Jun 28 18:04:35 2009)

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