HELL YEAH! congrats!xo

—noirohio vintage (Thu Jul 2 21:24:38 2009)

SHUT UP! You guys rock!

—Anonymous (Thu Jul 2 21:42:30 2009)

Congrats girls!!!

—Revolution Malibu (Fri Jul 3 08:52:34 2009)

that is amazing! and well deserved!! congrats. you definitely have to celebratexx

—tobaccoandleather (Fri Jul 3 01:08:20 2009)

Congrats! That's amazing!Emilie

—Emilie (Fri Jul 3 00:33:32 2009)

mackenzie that is amazing! congrats on the company; you're merch is hot!

—lindsay funston (Fri Jul 3 11:26:07 2009)

you bitches are killing it!i need to get me some of your shoe chains and wear them to work…i work at gimme shoes on hayes.xx

—ariana (Fri Jul 3 20:42:50 2009)

Yes! Congratulations.Love Grace.

—Grace (Fri Jul 3 14:07:27 2009)

aaaaa mazin G

—susie miller (Fri Jul 3 11:41:37 2009)


—Sara Bara (Mon Jul 6 13:23:55 2009)

AHHH congratulations! how fantastic!xoharper and harley

—Sara (Sat Jul 4 06:04:17 2009)

awesome girls!! i can not wait to own a piece..

—alyssa (Mon Jul 6 22:26:04 2009)

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