A personal with the designers:

Before LITTER SF what did you both do?
Mackenzie is younger than I, so she only recently finished school. She went to FIT in NYC to study fashion design. Last year, I had purchased a very old home and remodeled it from the ground up. That project took up the last year of my life really. It was very fun and I got to experiment with anything I wanted because it was my home to design.
Describe working with one another.
We fight like cats and dogs all the time! We call each other names, and scream. But, the difference between working with a sibling versus working with just a colleague, is that we can get in fights and nothing ever comes of it. If I told a business partner to Fuck off, the relationship would fall apart. My sister and I are stuck together forever, so fights mean nothing and they don’t last long. We forget what we were fighting about usually!
I’m sure we’d all like to know how is it being head of LITTER SF / your own boss?
We always remark to each other about how happy we are to have started LITTER and get to work for ourselves. Its been such a cool change in our lives. We are really thankful everyday. Its so fun to get to work and make things that we like. And to have other people like them is an extra bonus. We love going to flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. If anyone out there is questioning starting a business on their own, don’t think, just DO IT!!! Its so rewarding.
What would you recommend everyone have at least one of?
Dogs. You will find true happiness with a good dog, or two, or three….
What are you wearing right now?
Our Hot Dog on a Stick Uniforms. Although Mackenzie took off her tall hat.
Favorite quote (personal is fine)
“Show me the receipts” – Whitney Houston (on drugs)
How do you treat yourselves after a day with litter?
We are both so boring. I wish I could tell you we go out and party it up in fabulous outfits all decked out in LITTER jewels, but that would be a total lie! We love to be home with our animals.
End with a personal note and or treat for my readers and I?
If you are ever in San Francisco, get in touch with us, and we will invite you over to the studio to play dress up…LITTER STYLE!!!!
>this interview is a month old but I just found it..enjoy
Check out the full interview here


I never new you guys were sisters, that's awesome.and yay for a brilliantly SF based concept!

—Highdee (Sun Jul 5 21:02:30 2009)

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