These are our newest members of our team Brittney and Candi! They are both fashion students and are bringing in new ideas and helping hands to Litter! They are loving designing and creating new ideas, and are rocking our jeweled shoes off with all of their help! Brittney attends the Art Institute and is majoring Fashion Marketing. You will definently be seeing her hands and feet often because she has the most perfect nail beds and will be doing some of our modeling! And our psychedelic Candi attends the Academy of the Arts for Fashion Design. She is bringing a new flare to Litter, feathers and all. Be expecting to see more from these girls in the future. 


who are these people?

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Wed Jul 15 03:21:51 2009)

Cheap labor. Good one.

—Anonymous (Tue Jul 14 21:03:01 2009)

What lucky girls!

—Jenny (Tue Jul 14 16:45:00 2009)

L-O-V-E that piece with the feathers!xoxoluxe

—lisa @ luxe (Wed Jul 15 07:25:21 2009)

hellllll yeah.

—Fashion Is Poison (Thu Jul 16 01:19:36 2009)

I may not be a fashion student currently, but I am a student to fashion. I can bring the glamor and the helping hands as well! Too bad those lucky ladies cut to the chase. Awesome that you guys will be developing even more creatively. Can't wait to see the new pieces…

—iposeri (Wed Jul 15 09:03:31 2009)

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—FashionLagniappe (Wed Jul 15 08:36:03 2009)

A beautiful piece! I love the vintage look of the chain combined with the Indian flare of feathers and weavings…a very interesting piece.

—Anonymous (Thu Jul 16 16:31:49 2009)

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