Nasty Gal

Friday was one of the more exciting days we've had in awhile... Just walking into the Nasty Gal Vintage studio would make any girl pee in her pants. Rack after Rack of Amazing vintage you seriously wont find anywhere in your lifetime. Sofia has the most unbelievable taste, and she has what you want. We went there for a meeting to discuss doing an exclusive LITTER line with Nasty Gal Vintage, and ended up playing dress up and taking pictures. Can't wait to go back. We are so jealous of her, she never has to worry about not having anything to wear!


Love Nasty Gal Vintage! Keep us posted on the line!

—wreckedstellar (Wed Jul 22 04:29:20 2009)

this is so awesome.that site burns me every time.can you guys make me some crazy chain ring/wrist ish? like bollywood amazingness!!hugs

—ray (Mon Jul 20 20:36:29 2009)

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