*faints*I would in there. Srsly.

—Alicia (Mon Jul 20 12:11:34 2009)

where the heck?!

—dv (Mon Jul 20 15:58:05 2009)

sigh I´m green with envy. My local hardware store has maybe 10 different rolls…

—Outi (Mon Jul 20 12:35:14 2009)

WHAT THE %$#&! You're so lucky.

—CHIC Sensibility... (Mon Jul 20 23:24:43 2009)

OMG!!!!!!i'm pretty sure that's how heaven looks, hahalove your jewelry :)www.blackbleach.com

—BlackBleach (Mon Jul 20 19:08:38 2009)

Seriously, where is this place?

—Anonymous (Mon Jul 20 16:12:12 2009)

this is awesome, where is this? i've been looking for a chain shop stocked with lots of variety…do share!! thanks

—Anonymous (Tue Jul 21 18:46:17 2009)

oh my god. i want to be in that place right now!love the new elbow pieces :)xx

—tobaccoandleather (Tue Jul 21 05:22:23 2009)

Almost paradise… Girls, I´ve heard about you in a Brazilian website (www.glamurama.com.br). Congratulations, your work is grate!!!I loved it.

—Cris Cardoso (Thu Jul 23 15:15:25 2009)

I think is in China because of the chinese words on the side.

—Anonymous (Thu Jul 23 08:07:20 2009)

Ahhhhhh yes!

—SOMETHING PICASSO (Tue Jul 21 23:58:46 2009)

This market is like my second home! Do you guys go often?

—Anonymous (Wed Aug 25 13:44:09 2010)

not fair, where is this place?annabelle x

—Annabelle (Thu Aug 20 02:58:27 2009)

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