These are my new favorite item! 


they are girly and edgy and the same time- so cool! i love your website and products by the way. :D

—MMSfaith (Tue Jul 21 12:46:15 2009)

woow looks very cool!!!

—helen (Tue Jul 21 09:33:24 2009)

These are gorgeous, they are such a great addition to something simple like a white singlet :)

—Style On Track (Mon Jul 20 19:20:29 2009)

i lovelovelove them <3

—sabella (Tue Jul 21 23:52:37 2009)

Looks painful.

—Anonymous (Tue Jul 21 14:48:25 2009)

love that first piece, amazing!xoxo

—lisa @ luxe (Wed Jul 22 07:08:30 2009)

Love the elbow pieces… and basically all of your creations! I need to place an order asap!!

—wreckedstellar (Wed Jul 22 04:31:03 2009)

freaking awesome! i love them. oh god, i might just start becoming re-obsessed with jewelry now because of your blog.http://heelhealing.blogspot.com/

—A MUSER OF SORTS (Thu Jul 23 08:33:09 2009)

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