Yay! LuLu just came by our studio to pick some LITTER for the 7x7 Style Council shoot tomorrow. She looked so hot in the legs chains, and the shoe jewelry. She is super sweet, check out her blog HERE


Same leg chain, different day???

—iposeri (Tue Jul 21 18:00:36 2009)

that girl looks like a munchkin

—leyla (Wed Jul 22 13:29:00 2009)

very cool!xoxo

—lisa @ luxe (Wed Jul 22 07:06:59 2009)

Hehehe these are really cute photos, the jewelry is badass…

—SOMETHING PICASSO (Tue Jul 21 23:59:23 2009)

so much brilliance. seriously you guys are x

—leflassh. (Sun Jul 26 00:45:32 2009)

Good for Lulu! I'd love to get to play in your design studio!Love Grace.

—Grace (Wed Jul 22 14:35:27 2009)

lovelovelove!xxcheck out

—elk (Fri Jul 31 02:32:05 2009)

ah i love lulu and i love litter!! you girls all look so cute together

—meghan (Sun Jul 26 11:58:51 2009)

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