The LITTER facebook fan page will not be able to be updated for awhile. The CRAZY ex girlfriend of my boyfriend has had me deleted from facebook..she is very mature as you can tell. Keep your fingers crossed that she will move on and find someone new so we can all be happy.


crazy exes are not where it is at! come to UK litter, it's better here :)

—Lori (Tue Jul 28 09:05:58 2009)

Wow, that is pretty crazy. Facebook is evil sometimes and harbors stalkers. Hope all is well with you girls and your road trip is going amazing. Can't wait to see your new collection. xoxo

—Paulina (Sun Jul 26 20:34:30 2009)

hahaha! High school throw back! – I.E. Crazy ex girlfriends!

—Anonymous (Sun Jul 26 19:30:28 2009)

ugh crazy exs are no fun. one of my ex boyfriends ex girlfriends made a hitlist once in high school, and she was on the rifle team. it was a little unsettling. so glad high school is in the past.

—Anonymous (Tue Jul 28 21:09:46 2009)

The crazy ex girlfriends needs a reality check!! And what the hell is wrong with Facebook. Anyways ladies, I'm a new blogger and just wanted to say that I absolutely love your work and love your blog. Good luck with everything and keep making beautiful jewelry.xoxowww.susie142b.blogspot.com

—Susie Rivero (Tue Jul 28 18:37:16 2009)

This comment has been removed by the author.

—Susie Rivero (Tue Jul 28 18:33:10 2009)

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