Yuba River


mmmmm bluntagexx

—die tägliche revolution (Sun Jul 26 20:24:24 2009)

I love the fact that you guys don't give a fuck about people seeing you smoke a bowl. Way to be badass! :]

—hadley (Sun Jul 26 17:16:49 2009)

Really enjoy reading your blog !

—Ellinor Larsdotter (Mon Jul 27 03:16:51 2009)

i am coming with you next time.

—simseema (Mon Jul 27 00:42:25 2009)

ah yes. how i love summer. and river tripsT H A N K S for the inspiration today.BRI'S DESIGN LOVE FEST

—bri. (Thu Jul 30 13:46:04 2009)

looks like an awesome time

—meghan (Tue Jul 28 22:07:42 2009)

Love your nailcolor in the last photo!!http://fashionroadkill-halifax.blogspot.com

—Ashley (Mon Jul 27 10:17:29 2009)

Pass the bowl…don't babysit…just joshin…

—Nicha (Thu Jul 30 19:11:07 2009)

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