Grass y Ass

ha, we are such dorks


haha classic. i love dork posts

—oriwa (Thu Jul 30 17:05:46 2009)

sweet skirt.

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Thu Jul 30 16:26:06 2009)

I loooove the yuba rive. These shots are classic… perfection really. Love your goods… obsessed really. SF fashion obsessed girls ourselves… next paycheck is going to LITTER. Needing a shoulder piece… or a head piece… or a shoe piece… damn!

—AandA (Sat Aug 1 23:03:49 2009)

This looks like so much fun. I want to frolic in hand made leaf outfits too!! YEA!!!

—Pretty Pirate (Thu Jul 30 22:37:22 2009)

haha legends.

—Anonymous (Tue Aug 25 07:30:56 2009)

omg no words! you girl's are awesome!!

—Carolina Botelho (Sat Aug 8 10:54:25 2009)

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