Darkest Lady


I've been following you guys from your very first post and think the rocketing interest in your amazing chains is so well deserved! Every piece is like hot sex. Can I ask you ladies for a link swap? I'm adding you to my blogroll whatever the case :) xxx

—geisharock (Wed Jul 29 04:39:34 2009)

the second picture is cool. your blog is really coolhttp://wizzystyle.blogspot.com/

—L (Wed Jul 29 05:16:19 2009)

This is cool shit. I love how you guys have a blog and a store..double happiness.http://fashionroadkill-halifax.blogspot.com

—Ashley (Wed Jul 29 04:52:21 2009)

I love your blog. You girls have a lot of style and personality. http://fashionablepalette.blogspot.com/

—fashionable palette (Wed Jul 29 16:20:32 2009)

I don't know whether to laugh or cry or cheer. Hot stuff!Maria xwww.myeverywish.blogspot.com

—Maria (Wed Jul 29 11:34:27 2009)

Luke… khshshmh… I am your father… shkh… and I7m going to take a bath now… :D

—Ina (Wed Jul 29 07:17:07 2009)

i love your header.thank you for inspiring me today.BRI'S DESIGN LOVE FEST

—bri. (Wed Jul 29 16:40:32 2009)

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