Pretty Pretty Pretty exciting news....

....coming very soon!


ha, iposeri you crack me up! No, it doesn't have anything to do with the ex..we are over her. But because you are so are awesome, you will be the first to know

—LITTER (Thu Jul 30 19:57:01 2009)

hopefully it's something related to your crazy stalker/crazy ef gf of your man having her internet confiscated so we can get our Litter on in peace!!

—iposeri (Thu Jul 30 19:46:03 2009)

Mouth knows and still is being quiet..

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Thu Jul 30 23:36:07 2009)

tell tell!! I can't wait to hear it! xoxo Hometown fan! <3

—Pretty Pirate (Thu Jul 30 22:34:34 2009)

We all LOVE Litter— I really adore the sword necklace ( how large is the pendant? xx Krystal

—Krystal (Thu Jul 30 20:09:17 2009)

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