We have been given the amazing opportunity to accessorize Erin Wassons fall 09' preview show with our jewelry!!! We have created a lot of special pieces just for the show that i know will look amazing with the collection. We love Erin and RVCA and this is a huge honor for us!
...more exciting news Mon


CONGRATS! I cannot what to see what you guys have come up with!Blaikealexandra.blogspot.com

—Blaike Alexandra (Fri Jul 31 09:29:30 2009)

well done, so pleased for you two!! good luck with it allxx

—tobaccoandleather (Fri Jul 31 09:43:17 2009)

so jealous!!

—Anonymous (Fri Jul 31 09:33:52 2009)

Happy for you! You two are really the best ones around! ;)

—Ina (Fri Jul 31 09:32:15 2009)

Is it an open invitation? I wanna go!

—lauren (Fri Jul 31 10:03:55 2009)

Wow, thats amazing news! You guys have the perfect acessories! :)

—Anette Terese (Fri Jul 31 09:59:28 2009)

Wow, congratulations!http://myshoebox.se

—Johanna - MyShoebox.se (Fri Jul 31 10:22:22 2009)

congratulations! that's awesome.

—Karoline (Fri Jul 31 10:11:02 2009)


—LuxiRare (Sun Aug 2 13:05:11 2009)


—deelarsen (Fri Jul 31 14:18:55 2009)


—InnyVinny (Fri Jul 31 11:37:16 2009)

that's amazing! congrats!!!!!would you like to exchange links?x

—thesydneygirl (Sun Aug 2 23:02:31 2009)


—Fashion Is Poison (Sun Aug 2 22:24:14 2009)

Congrats! You must be so excited!!

—Emilie (Tue Aug 4 01:00:41 2009)

That is amazing. Congratulations.Love Grace.

—Grace (Mon Aug 3 11:23:58 2009)

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