Rumi has those knee high tights too so rad! love your jewelry wish I had more cash :'(x jamie

—jamie: a very poor high school girl (Mon Aug 3 21:25:36 2009)

that cuff is a need! great picks! :)box-of-style

—Sandra (Tue Aug 4 11:08:34 2009)

Fabulosity. That cuff is so utilitarian..love it.http://fashionroadkill-halifax.blogspot.com

—Ashley (Tue Aug 4 04:46:20 2009)

Holy crap. Those tights are sick. I love them, i need them.

—somedaynewyorker (Tue Aug 4 01:11:38 2009)

what does the "rubys" on your wrist stand for?

—bingbong (Wed Aug 5 16:57:03 2009)

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