Dee Larsen

Designer: Dee Larsen
Model: Aliona
Stylist: Erin Frederick


hahahaha oh my god, i had to delete everything! i wrote that whole thing from my phone and I fucked it all up. I will write something better in the morning. How embarrassing! Love you. god im dumbass

—LITTER (Fri Aug 7 22:20:44 2009)

baby, I know you didn't spell my name dee larsOn.I LOOOVE YOU!hahahahahahaha cocaine and waffles!!

—dee larsen (Fri Aug 7 21:20:52 2009)

Very urban. I like.x

—Karolina (Sun Aug 9 07:26:36 2009)

That shoot is perfection like your jewelry ! How inspirating !xx

—Janis (Sat Aug 8 17:12:04 2009)

i really like the pic with the black mask! the jewelryis breathtaking!

—melina (Sat Aug 8 00:01:12 2009)

great styling!!!! model is stunning…and so is the jewelry, of course!

—Carte Blanche (Sun Aug 9 20:13:31 2009)

These photos are sick!!!!

—Ashley (Sun Aug 9 10:13:02 2009)

hearts and flowers!!

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Tue Aug 11 18:04:33 2009)

i love them pics!!really nice

—Bench fan (Mon Aug 10 08:41:22 2009)

i just started the edit for the images…photos looking goooood, great crew, styling, model and litter :)

—claudia goetzelmann (Wed Aug 12 11:13:55 2009)

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