acne s/s10'

Im making the armored pants right now!


What are you using to make the pants?x

—Karolina (Fri Aug 14 11:04:01 2009)

I can't wait to see! I like the ACNE armor pants but I think it could be done in a much more wearable way too.

—Carte Blanche (Sat Aug 15 15:53:23 2009)

WOAH! looking forward to see it!

—slegna (Sat Aug 15 12:19:13 2009)

you better post pictures! :)

—Blaike Alexandra (Fri Aug 14 11:08:49 2009)

go sweden!

—Sophie (Fri Aug 28 10:29:32 2009)

I loooved these looks.. I posted about them too! I really like your blog, I'd love to exchange links if you're interested :]

—Sarah (Sat Aug 15 18:22:24 2009)

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