My brother and his girlfriend just moved home from Santa Barbra to help us out. We will be moving into a bigger space very soon.


How many brothers and sisters do you guys have? your family is gorgeous!

—NIKI (Sun Aug 16 18:46:29 2009)

I would lay down and die for that shirt :-) i bet its perfectly worn in

—PH (Wed Aug 26 21:28:03 2009)

I live in the bay area and would be willing to help you out for free! I can offer new design concepts and laughter.

—iposeri (Mon Aug 17 09:08:17 2009)

Love your pieces, and your dog's just adorable!

—TummyToys (Wed Sep 16 13:06:23 2009)

haha i love these pics for some reason. you have an awesome blog

—kelsea (Sun Aug 30 05:30:08 2009)

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