Siena Fleming


i saw this video on knightcat and instantly thought of you guys! your stuff is amazing. i am a fan

—jada (Sun Aug 16 18:44:23 2009)

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—Ibtissame (Mon Aug 17 02:32:05 2009)

she's so interesting i want more! a little investigating shes from .. i want all her watch bracelets

—Anonymous (Sun Aug 16 23:38:16 2009)

very cool girl, who is she???love her style & voice!xoxo

—lisa @ luxe (Sun Aug 16 18:48:21 2009)

she is adorable!

—sunniva seastone (Fri Aug 21 12:39:45 2009)

I adore the spoon bracelet, great video and amazing girl :)

—Madame Izma (Mon Aug 17 02:33:29 2009)

seams pretty…. let's say posh to me… i mean awfull accent and cocky style… …oh yeah and she's soooo not into fashion right?!

—Anonymous (Fri Aug 28 07:23:24 2009)

she has some lovely pieces but it was a little disconcerting to see such a frail figure

—Anonymous (Tue Aug 25 09:46:54 2009)

iacz awuao Porn odcjod v ng x gdc

—Anonymous (Wed Oct 6 18:24:17 2010)

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