iposeri, you are amazing. I love that you leave comments. what is your deal? Who are you? do you have a facebook or something?

—LITTER (Tue Sep 1 18:41:35 2009)

Is this litter????

—iposeri (Tue Sep 1 18:25:46 2009)

Girl yes I am with the times! – I am on facebook, Cassandra Robinson. My deal is I love litter, the blog, the process… it's wonderful! The facebook tells the rest…

—iposeri (Tue Sep 1 23:41:37 2009)

cassie is hot…her half shaved head is kind of growing on me.

—strawberry fields (Tue Sep 1 21:34:30 2009)

So exciting!Love Grace.

—Grace (Wed Sep 2 10:43:49 2009)

i tried to search you, but there is too many cassandras. add me MACKENZIE BURDICK.

—LITTER (Wed Sep 2 06:49:44 2009)

Inspiring blog! Gonna try to make some own jewlery in the same style as yous. Wonderful! / Ulrika fron sweden

—ulrika (Wed Sep 2 04:39:23 2009)

love, love, love what you guys do! I'm fairly new to the blogging world, but when I came across the store's site and saw there was a blog to this, I though, PERFECT! keep the ideas and inspirations going! ya'll are greatness!

—RJ (Wed Sep 2 22:53:22 2009)

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