We had this amazing opportunity to fly down to LA for the red carpet premiere of "The September Issue". The movie is the BEST movie and everyone needs to go and see it! We were able to meet Lisa Love from Teen Vogue so it was a pretty amazing experience. We were also able to pick up a ton more chain to finish up a few remaining pieces for Fashion Week. Can't wait!!!


cool pics, did you cut your hair rachel??xo-l

—lisa @ luxe (Mon Sep 14 12:50:44 2009)

loooove you both!

—Luna (Wed Sep 16 08:05:48 2009)

Fabulous! Your hair cut is fabulous!

—RJ (Mon Sep 14 22:24:50 2009)

Love your new hair cut Rachel! Can't wait to see THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE!

—Emilie (Wed Sep 16 08:32:20 2009)

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