We finally got all of our pieces ready for our collaboration show at Fashion Week! We are SO excited to showcase a brand new collection and be able to go to all the great parties! We'll have some amazing pictures and video footage to post for everyone to see when we get back!


Awesome that your family and friends are so involved.

—iposeri (Tue Sep 15 09:50:51 2009)

"Thanks for the ride!" lol, I'm sure you guys had a shit ton of fun!

—RJ (Mon Sep 14 22:27:52 2009)

so rad! good luck, can't wait to see the photos when you post them…xo-l

—lisa @ luxe (Mon Sep 14 12:51:42 2009)

ok. Jump the private to NY and FASHION WEEK! Who said you have to 'stuggle' your first 5 years in business? Rock on girls. Rick the f^*k on. xAb

—Anonymous (Wed Sep 16 08:40:42 2009)

"thanks for the ride!"haha. bummed we couldn't make it. wish we were getting hammered on the plane as well.xo. fletch & shmandi.

—Anonymous (Tue Sep 15 13:21:27 2009)

OMG that's moàre than amazing !! I love the way you make ur lifes girls … that's just awsome !

—BB&HH (Tue Sep 15 10:33:25 2009)

Private jet?!? NICE.

—LADIVASOSA (Sat Sep 19 09:31:45 2009)

so cute.

—ray (Sat Sep 19 06:25:28 2009)

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