LITTER On The Runway

September 15, 2009  1:17 pm

Christian Cota managed a neat little double play Sunday night, when Leighton Meester and Eva Longoria Parker were snapped rocking Cota on red carpets on either coast. And when we say “either coast,” what we mean—obviously—is that Leighton was in Manhattan and Longoria Parker was in L.A. Are there any other places that matter, style-wise? Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick are currently making the case for the Bay. The San Francisco-based sisters design the line LITTER, launched last year, which includes headpieces and body jewelry made (primarily) from secondhand jewelry the designers pick up at thrifts and flea markets. The sisters’ chains that go over boots and shoes have already earned their brand some chatter. This afternoon, the buzz is due to rise to a roar, as new LITTER pieces make their appearance on the girls at the Christian Cota presentation. As Cota explained between fittings, his show stylist happened upon LITTER on a trip to San Fran a few months back, so she did the natural thing and coaxed the designers back to New York. Congrats, girls: Now that you’re here, you matter.

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Cota



Congratulations! But what the hell, you mattered long before this in my opinion.

—aquale (Tue Sep 15 17:50:48 2009)


—.:*aMbAr*:. (Tue Sep 15 13:27:08 2009)

you ladies are amazing, congratulations!!

—miss mary (Thu Sep 17 10:39:57 2009)

AMAZING! You matter that's true! Congrats!

—Emilie (Wed Sep 16 08:25:00 2009)

wow!!that's super news! :)

—Luna (Wed Sep 16 08:06:30 2009)

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