San Francisco Symphony

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Gorgeous! Love the new hair!

—Ashley (Thu Sep 17 08:07:00 2009)


—RJ (Wed Sep 16 23:28:01 2009)

Jasmine Di Milo Assistants… I believe they are going to London fashion week. These girls are in demand… take a number.

—iposeri (Thu Sep 17 10:50:39 2009)

litter girls! I am one of the design assistants at Jasmine Di Milo and we are desperatly trying to get hold of you please check your voicemail and your email! this is urgent! If anyone who knows them read this please pass this on! Thank you.

—Anonymous (Thu Sep 17 08:28:28 2009)

I love all of litters pieces but it's too pricey.

—Anonymous (Sun Sep 20 22:36:53 2009)


—terra (Thu Sep 17 11:56:40 2009)

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