A Charity for our Generation

We are switching gears a little bit this week and are hoping that everyone will join us. 

Its easy to forget that beyond our comforts of everyday life are other countries with big problems. Every day we shower, (Rachael doesn't shower everyday, or even every other day) we just count on fresh water coming out of the plumbing. Our water is so clean, that we could even drink the water that goes into our toilet bowls. Haiti is a country where children are going to school to learn, and instead are getting sick from the contaminated water. Their water is basically sewage, and its killing people. For just a few dollars, you can give 5 gallons of clean water to a family or a school and save lives. World Flix is a way for people our age to donate money and actually see video updates of where our money is going. This is the perfect way to donate because you can donate as little or as much as you want, and its done right over the internet, no mailing in checks or whatever your parents and grandparents used to do. 
We really hope you will go check it out, and if you can, try and donate to any of the causes that you feel are important to you. Haiti is just one of them, and the one we are really focused on right now, because we believe clean drinking water is a human right. If you are in the shopping mood, we are promising that 5 dollars of every purchase from LITTER will go toward Haiti clean water. We are posting all of the designs that were shown in NYC fashion week for sale, so be sure to check them out! There will be a special section on the website for them, and you can see some of the designs on the models on Style.com (Christian Cota Lookbook)
Thanks for helping in any way you can, you will feel so good about it!  World Flix

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