I am obsessed with the new spine jewelry


Ohhhh its all so beautiful ! And I love the jewelry on the leg :)Stunning and drop dead gorgous <3

—Valencia Lia (Tue Sep 22 06:11:21 2009)

UGGHHHH I want one NOW!!!! *crying*LOL, they all look amazing, specially the one for your thighs..

—.:*aMbAr*:. (Mon Sep 21 23:02:38 2009)

yes yes yes yes

—dv (Tue Sep 22 11:14:06 2009)

ugh i'm obsessed with ALL of your jewelry. I wish I could afford it :(

—meghan (Tue Sep 22 08:15:27 2009)

wowowoww. i just came all over myself. i want one of those leg things. so fucking hot.your blog is awesome.

—magda o (Tue Sep 22 20:06:41 2009)

Still can't get over how much I love the leg piece.xx.

—Noemi Sunshine Ferst (Tue Sep 22 16:44:41 2009)

The Spine looks so very fierce, and the ass hugging dress is ta-die-for!

—RJ (Tue Sep 22 12:06:59 2009)

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—Anonymous (Wed Dec 30 19:47:38 2009)

that's perfect!

—fashion is my husband (Mon Sep 28 12:30:49 2009)

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—little shadow (Thu Sep 24 07:28:58 2009)

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