It's almost Halloween! Any good costume ideas?


I LOVE halloween, I'm creating a really elaborate American Indian costume with feather headdress, leather dress and all. You can see a sneak preview on my blog! With all of your chain, you ladies should make some chainmaille and be warriors!!

—Pretty Pirate (Tue Sep 29 16:07:06 2009)

wahooooo, cant wait for halloween!! last year i was a teenage mutant ninja turtle.. but i'm not sure for this year!!!!ps. love the headwear—caseyyhttp://mcscloset.blogspot.com/

—MC's Closet (Sun Oct 4 07:56:20 2009)

my friend and I are going to dress up as you two. we are gonna wear really short skirts and wrap chain all around us. I will send some pictures

—Anonymous (Tue Sep 29 20:03:01 2009)

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