Photos and styling by Rachael Esterline
Lookbook coming soon!


omg!you two look like super models!!

—silvie (Wed Oct 7 00:58:53 2009)

easy subjects…love me my litter babies.

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Wed Oct 7 11:02:24 2009)

Love the vintage-y look of the pics. And I'm SOOOOOOOO drooling over that leg piece of yours…

—.:*aMbAr*:. (Wed Oct 7 09:06:26 2009)


—newbitchontheblog (Thu Oct 8 15:53:09 2009)

Woah this Rachel Esterline knows her stuff! ::wink, wink:: I can tell it's gorgeous without even seeing the final outcome. Awesome stuff….

—Cassandra (Wed Oct 7 14:16:51 2009)

Oooowwww! I can't wait for the lookbook!Keneisha-Flagrant Chic

—Keneisha (Sat Oct 10 20:47:19 2009)

all of it, so gorgeous

—RJ (Fri Oct 9 18:19:51 2009)

I'm loving this guys – really like the layouts and lighting, etc. I'm a fan… great work Rachel E

—Sam (Fri Oct 9 11:19:11 2009)

Gorgeous photoshoot, I love these photos and you girls look absolutely stunning!

—graphics tablet (Mon Jun 7 03:03:14 2010)

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