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ur body art is amazing…it goes far beyond jewelry as we know it. i am definitely going to be one of your customers. tyra always has the most interesting designers on her website. keep up the outstanding work!

—gyglygirl (Fri Oct 23 21:37:40 2009)

i just came across your blog & also visited your website…all of your pieces are BADASS. i'd love to feature your pieces on my blog:

—Quiri (Thu Oct 15 14:19:34 2009)

The other night I was watching Gossip Girl—admittedly I think that is what I was watching—and I swore I saw some jewelry on the shoulder of a character but the shot was so obscure I could not tell…I also wondered what on earth or how on earth a piece of jewelry would stay there. Now I know. It wasn't one of your pieces was it? I am kind of in love with this accessory I have never seen before!

—Jessica Druck (Tue Nov 3 22:21:09 2009)

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