I am blonde girl!


It's sad that such talented little girls are being exploited like that.. child pornography at it's finest.

—hadley (Tue Oct 20 15:21:29 2009)

:))))))) Cuteee! reminds me of single ladies

—Ina (Tue Oct 20 13:31:13 2009)

That is disgusting. Being talented at dancing like sexy older woman doesn't make it right because they can. It actually makes it very very wrong. The problem with this world. Kids aren't kids anymore. I felt gross watching that.

—Anonymous (Tue Oct 20 17:44:29 2009)

um no not child pornography, wow….i think these little girls are really talented and it was a cute show!

—Love & Vintage (Tue Oct 20 17:22:39 2009)

OMG!! That was so great, I am super jealous of their mad skills!! Just made my day!

—Anonymous (Wed Oct 21 09:50:37 2009)

its just dancing, a form of art and talent- relax! Only perverted minds can look at things like this and see something sexual- you 2 are the perverts, it is you who cant get cocks out of your mind, maybe if you saw a real one more often you wouldnt be such a retard, but if you werent retarded you would get laid…

—kate (Wed Oct 21 01:46:01 2009)

kate. you're an idiot.

—Anonymous (Wed Oct 21 14:56:18 2009)

Ok I actually felt dirty watching that video. Girls under 16 (and those girls are like 8) should NOT be dancing like that. VERY disturbing.

—Anonymous (Wed Oct 21 12:26:33 2009)

that was seriously the most disturbing thing i have ever seen. 8 year old's should not be half naked doing provocative moves like that on a stage. yes, they are extremely talented and are skilled at dance, which I am not denying. but they should not be air humping and shaking their chest and spreading their legs on stage. 8 year old girls should be allowed to be just that – 8 year olds. kids are growing up way to fast as it is these days, and the parents of these kids should be trying to preserve and maintain the innocence for as long as they can. there is already too much sex and violence out there and there is no reason to be subjecting girls that young to a world that they shouldnt have to deal with for a long time.

—Anonymous (Thu Oct 22 19:41:55 2009)

All you anonymous bitches need to shut the fuck up. Remove yourself from your anonymous shield or don't say shit.

—Cassandra (Wed Oct 21 15:46:04 2009)

Hey mackenzie can we put an ignorant bitches filter on commenting? They're running rampant in this post.

—Cassandra (Fri Oct 23 09:15:11 2009)

All these people who think this is cute are idiots and you should not be able to procreate….This is the shit that gets kids kidnapped and sexual assaulted. that mess was not cute and you all look fucking stupid for commending it. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS THAT THEY ARE NOT ADULTS BUT IN FACT CHILDREN THEY SHOULD BE PLAYING FUCKING HOPSCOTCH SOME WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS PURE IGNORANCE

—Alyssa F. (Fri Oct 23 15:18:37 2009)

hehe theyre cute and they sure as hellz can dance better than moi! future major dancers!

—an jaeden (Fri Oct 23 12:09:39 2009)

This is very wrong. And I was shocked to even see this. Dance is an art form, yes, but there are lines that should not be crossed by children of this age. And dancing provocatively, like they were doing, is definitely NOT okay, shame on the parents and the instructor. Damn learn some ballet. But these kids are very talented, i will give them that.

—Anonymous (Wed Oct 28 20:54:48 2009)

I will. Thanks bitch!!!

—Cuhsandra (Mon Oct 26 11:16:39 2009)

Its better to remain anonymous with integrity that to be exposed as an ignorant, disrespectful, poor excuse of a woman Cassandra. Stay classy.

—Anonymous (Sun Oct 25 13:00:15 2009)

okay.. the art of dance was very much displayed in this video, however those whose vision has been clouded with perversion unfortunately will not be able to see that. They are very talented young girls and should NOT be looked at as sex objects JUST because they're wearing a top and shorts. It is very disturbing for me to know that people actually watch this video and see such things. Seriously, open your minds and your eyes people! Not everything is about SEX! ESPECIALLY when it's CLEARLY a video of 8 year olds at a talent-competition or a recital.. and not to mention, have AMAZING technique and skill for young girls.

—Anonymous (Tue Dec 15 19:55:26 2009)

that was some brilliant shit….even it was to much sexy dancing for their age

—Dori (Fri Oct 30 13:57:20 2009)

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—lily (Sun Jan 3 17:42:46 2010)

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