Rachel Zoe...HELL YES


That's funny because I get her little emails everyday and last week she wrote about a harness thing (which was very similar to litter) I kept wanting to email her about you guys. I bet someone else did. Congrats! You lovely ladies deserve it!

—Pretty Pirate (Wed Oct 28 10:31:03 2009)

totally sweet. congrats!!

—Quiri (Wed Oct 28 10:17:23 2009)

Amazing!! x

—Tessa-Jay (Wed Oct 28 15:47:41 2009)

litter lives..

—Rachel Lena Esterline (Wed Oct 28 12:00:53 2009)

dope!! Jmal and I were checkin it out, pretty cool :)

—Hanger Appeal (Wed Nov 4 11:11:36 2009)

WOW! Congratulations ladies! You've accomplished so much! Wish you all the best for the future :) Keep groowing!

—twocoathangers (Sun Nov 1 02:40:35 2009)

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