We are off to Mexico!! We will be back in the studio on the 6th. xo R&M


Hi!Love your blog and your jewelry! I put some of them to my blog :)Have a nice time in Mexico, but take care not so safe place!

—Kata Wagner Berg (Mon Nov 2 23:59:34 2009)

wow is that a private jet?

—howl (Mon Nov 2 14:28:48 2009)

bon voyage!

—leanne (Sun Nov 1 18:54:35 2009)

you guys are posers. how many pics of private jets can u put up>? Daddy much? Doubt shoe chains would be pulling that many bones

—Anonymous (Fri Nov 6 09:54:37 2009)

wow a private jet. wow.

—Anonymous (Thu Nov 5 12:09:02 2009)

yeah posers.

—Anonymous (Fri Nov 13 07:40:52 2009)

ew! what a horrible comment from below. Who cares how you have a private jet, its nobodys business.Love your stuff!

—Anonymous (Tue Nov 10 19:40:56 2009)

Wow, fuck anonymous commenters.Post more private jet photos!

—Laura Mitchell (Sat Nov 28 14:30:25 2009)


—Anonymous (Fri Nov 20 06:31:23 2009)

and her bf likes to screw hookers.

—Anonymous (Tue Nov 17 16:24:30 2009)

—Anonymous (Wed Oct 20 01:03:07 2010)

The restaurants list with thousands of restaurants reviewed by visitors.

—Anonymous (Tue Oct 12 02:58:33 2010)

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