I don't dig it at all.

—Anonymous (Sat Nov 21 16:12:33 2009)

I really like it !

—Studded Lace (Sat Nov 21 15:43:01 2009)

i love it, is it easy to wear though?

—Stream (Sat Nov 21 19:14:37 2009)

so good

—Cgu (Sat Nov 21 17:35:19 2009)


—leleanne (Sat Nov 21 16:51:45 2009)

i can imagine the frustration this would bring

—lauren (Sun Nov 22 01:41:14 2009)

Looks like something for a hand job. Pretty neat.

—Der General (Sat Nov 21 20:14:56 2009)

I think we all like art that makes us a bit uncomfortable, but if I can't type or fuck with it on…well, that might seriously mess with my quality of life.

—Holden (Sun Nov 22 13:06:09 2009)


—Lou (Sun Nov 22 10:29:01 2009)

First thing that came in mind, was gums, eeyyyh!But it looks really cool after you get over the gum- imagination :D

—Jalouse (Sun Nov 22 10:25:36 2009)

REALLy cool!!! I love it!!!

—Fashion Infusion (Sun Nov 22 14:17:19 2009)

I love might make it hard to drive though…I'd wear it anyway…

—Nik (Sun Nov 22 13:29:53 2009)

it's amazing. who cares if it's comfy. it reminds me of McQueens piece during fashion week.

—Anonymous (Sun Nov 22 13:25:29 2009)

I really like it. It accentuates the natural shape of your hand, and points out the beauty to an aspect that normally goes overlooked. If you aren't able to type with it on, well, you can always take it off. Problem solved.

—LaGarconneNoire (Sat Nov 28 14:36:07 2009)

Loves it! I guess it constricts the hand right? It kinda looks like a metal mouth retainer or something….are you guys gonna sell this?V

—thehautepursuit (Mon Nov 23 23:15:28 2009)


—Anonymous (Mon Nov 23 06:28:24 2009)

Hand job helper from Coco!MizWright

—Anonymous (Tue Dec 1 11:54:49 2009)

Hahaha, I know what that is :D

—Kirstin (Sat Nov 28 22:37:41 2009)

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