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Top 3: LITTER Your trash is Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick’s treasure. The pair have struck gold with LITTER, their San Francisco-based, metal scraps-driven line of men and women’s head, ear, ring, body and shoe jewelry. It all started when Mackenzie—a fashion design graduate—created a hippie headpiece à la Nicole Richie, but with found nuts and bolts. She then looped her interior design expert sister, Rachel into the mix, creating a makeshift workshop in her living room to design more pieces. This led to further experimentation with junkyard metal and Goodwill chains to create body and shoe jewelry, which immediately sold out in local jewelry shows and on the sister’s blog. After only one year on the scene (they started the line in December 2008), the duo have already got the fashion industry buzzing, receiving a nod from Miss "I Die!" herself, and a phone call or two from some notable publications. “It's cool when you make a piece and think it's good,” says Rachel, “but when Vogue says you’re awesome, then you know you’re doing something right!” Harper’s Bazaar also featured Lucy Liu decked out in LITTER in the August issue. From recycled trash to a fun, profitable jewelry line, there’s one moral to LITTER’s story: Love your junk. 


1. BodyWebs – Sweetheart Thong – “American Apparel has nothing on these! Just throw on a pair of heels and you’re set! So sexy. I think their homepage picture says it all. We love the sweetheart thong, but also pretty much everything in their catalogue.”

2. Bughouse – Hypolux Chandelier – “This company is really amazing. I’m always finding really unique pieces on here. We love this light and think it would be amazing in a work space. I mean a syringe chandelier? How is that not amazing?”

3. RP/Encore – Pigeon Wing Headpiece – “Love, love, love this site. Kind of creepy at first, but really amazing designs! We’re in love with the rat and mouse cufflinks and the pigeon winged hair combs.”


Did you guys make the flower headbands? And are they available for purchase?

—The Fashion Seen (Sat Dec 5 21:56:43 2009)

Psshh, this praise, does it get old? hahah, I doubt it! Go Litter.

—Cuhsandra (Wed Dec 2 09:43:22 2009)

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