Getting Married!

I am getting married in Oct. and I am on the hunt for the for the perfect wedding dress. I am looking for a very plain and simple low cut or backless dress, no lace or jewels... Any ideas?



—Anonymous (Fri Feb 26 12:07:07 2010)

Wow Congrats!

—The Style Revolution (Fri Feb 26 11:31:09 2010)


—Worth (Fri Feb 26 11:26:40 2010)

First of all, big Congratulations! On your big day you want to shine but look classy and timeless at the same time. I think if you want to play it safe, go for a strapless a-line dress. For more drama and sweetness, try a princess neckline and low-cut back. Hope this helped and dress up with accessories!

—Mimi (Fri Feb 26 13:26:21 2010)

Congratulations! Be sure to post the winning dress when you find it.

—Rain (Fri Feb 26 12:18:04 2010)

Yayyy congrats Mackenzie!!!! hope all is going well in sanfran…I just recently moved to Huntington beach after FIT. I needed a change! well good luck with everything maybe ill see you soon!!!Sam

—Between6 (Fri Feb 26 12:15:36 2010)

congrats…you will be an amazing bride!xo-L

—lisa @ luxe (Fri Feb 26 19:42:41 2010)

You should just wear the outfit that the girl holding the lamb is wearing. You could pull it off xox

—Anonymous (Fri Feb 26 13:44:26 2010)

Hi MacKenzie!!! I was just thinking about you the other when someone asked me about my harness. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Rachel on the wonderful news. For your dress, you might want to check out: looking for a custom made shoulder piece for my birthday so will be calling. In the mean time will send you pics from Jamaica where I plan on rocking the harness everywhere.Gros bisousCarina

—Anonymous (Sun Feb 28 10:03:06 2010)

congrats… you should have your dress made, design it yourself…

—Anonymous (Fri Feb 26 21:47:33 2010)

ha, good one elizabeth…so jealous

—rachael (Wed Mar 10 10:49:24 2010)

maybe you should wear a garbage bag? since your man is garbage?

—Anonymous (Wed Mar 10 09:34:30 2010)

—Anonymous (Mon Mar 1 14:33:49 2010)

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—Dallas (Tue Mar 30 19:58:53 2010)

You should check out the Sue Wong collection of Alice inspired dresses! They're pretty simple and gorgeous looking =)-Christina

—candybox (Wed Mar 17 20:44:30 2010)

Leila Hafzi makes the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen. Simple, elegant, flowy fabrics, out of this world. That's where I'm getting my wedding dress! She can probably custom make one for you as well. Hope you find it!Love from Norway,

—Liv Eline Hetland (Tue Apr 13 14:50:59 2010)

Congratulation from Malaysia!

—Jane (Mon Apr 12 03:50:35 2010)

Yes, I have the perfect dress for you. I have my own clothing line (Stone_Cold_Fox) and there's this amazing Ivory gown, thats low cut and is backless. It has copper studd detailing but its not too much( we can do it without if you'd like). Its pretty insane. Check it out E-mail me if you are interested. Congrats. xxx

—Dallas (Tue Mar 30 20:06:32 2010)

i recently saw a dress from AllSaints (UK) worn for a wedding celebration- drapey and understated. best wishes.

—Valentina (Sat May 1 05:06:42 2010)

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