The tradeshow in NY was a huge success! We met with buyers from all over the country, we will soon be updating the site with all the stores that will be carrying LITTER!! The beautiful venue was packed with so many upcoming and talented designers. The highlight of the show was meeting the beautiful Kerin Rose( the gorgeous redhead above), turns out we are fans of eachother . Check out her awesome glasses, you have seen them on Rhianna and a bunch of other celebs. So good.

The most exciting news of all is that there will soon be a new member to the LITTER team... Rachael is due in MAY, we are counting down the days! There is some talk of maybe doing a baby line because there just aren't enough cool baby clothes out there. Its all the same.


yes! I would definitely love to see a cool baby/kids line..that would be perfect. I really need to get my hands on the shoe jewelry….those are badass!

—Angela (Sat Feb 27 11:27:57 2010)

Fricking Awesome!!!!

—The Style Revolution (Sat Feb 27 09:44:31 2010)

i'm due in june – please do a baby line!

—Sarah Michelle (Sun Feb 28 14:02:32 2010)

since i'm due in august i'd love to see a baby line! i just love your stuff.HALCOHOLIC.COM

—HAL (Sat Feb 27 18:19:36 2010)

I love the location of the trade show. What a great feel.

—Rain (Sat Feb 27 13:35:17 2010)

I always notice you girls not wearing much make up in these pics, you are both gorgeous!! love your work,

—Anonymous (Fri May 28 02:43:12 2010)

I absolutely love your work it was a pleasure meeting your team at Capsule NYC 2010. I can't wait to get your footwear accessories around my boots. I am truly inspired by your work and am going to feature your designs on my blog. XOXOCheck out Litter SF's profile on at: out my blog at:

—Erik Bucci (Sun Feb 28 15:35:45 2010)

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